The innovative TENSION LEVELLING SYSTEM , created by Viganò International has been designed for the processing of stainless steel and subsequently enhanced to be applied to aluminium, cold-rolled steel, pickled steel, galvanized steel and pre-painted steel.

This system preserves and ensures the elastic-plastic characteristics of the material, elevating the levelling process to high standards.
The material is STABILISED AND STRESS RELIEVED, so that it is suitable for laser cutting, automatic machining and punching. The tail of the coil is levelled at the same level of quality achieved in the centre of the coil.

The TLS requalifies coils with above average defects, while the sophisticated software and the multiple configurations available allow the successfull processing of coils commonly considered as “non processable”.

The introduction of a tension levelling system in a CTL increases the range of materials that can be processed by the levelling machine and significantly reduces maintenance shut-downs and costs.

In addition, the TLS is designed to be user-friendly and ensure maximum safety for the line operator.