Revamping Cut To Length Line

Customer needs

Revamping operation executed on a cut to length line manufactured in 1994 suitable for the process of stainless steel material. The activity has the tasks to upgrade the performances of the plant and improve the quality of work and material.

The customer requires also the installation of the Tension-Levelling System (TLS), already implemented to several cut-to-length lines nearby their Service Centres.


Suggested solution
The cut-to-length line is subjected to revamping activity, widening of the range of minimum thickness to process, from 0.6 mm to 0.2mm, and the insertion of the Tension-Levelling System ensures an excellent quality of levelling, with a perfectly stress relieved material, in accordance to the high level of quality required by the home appliance industry. (The customer is a Whirlpool’s supplier).





We suggest a “non-stop stacker” in order to increase even further the performances of the line.