Viganò International e Nelson Steel started up the first push-pull pickling/slitting line in Europe


The end of  2015 marked another important goal for Viganò International as a matter of innovation in the processing of carbon steel.
On December, in fact, we have succeeded in starting up the first line in Europe with an integrated combined configuration: pickling & slitting line, designed and manufactured for the company ATS and erected in their new service center in Zamość.
The line is a combined expression of technical competence and technological innovation and it took origin from the cooperation of Viganò International with Nelson Steel, Samuel Son & Co.
Viganò International, as main contractor of the project, has developed the whole  know-how of the processing line, by coordinating all the manufacturing steps.
The pickling line, push-pull type, has been designed to process coils with the following features: 30 tons weight, 2000mm outer diameter, 610÷760/850 inner diameter, with variable thickness from 1,5mm to 6mm. The possible number of cuts, performable by the line, variates according to the material thickness: 7 cuts for 3mm, 4 cuts for 6mm.
The line, equipped with a Turbo-Tunnel system which is a highly efficient design developed by Nelson, has been created to guarantee a productivity of  33 to 35 tons/hour with reduced production costs and highest control of the operations, thanks to the dedicated governing unit and the full respect of the CE Environmental norms.
The new push-pull pickling/slitting line, represents an excellence thanks to its multiple usage modes and its functional flexibility.


push-pull pickling/slitting line