Cut-to-length line for high level quality stainless steel


Viganò International has recently completed the installation of the latest cut-to-lenght line for the Vender Steel Group.

Vender Steel Group is the leading Italian company in stainless steel processing and distribution with a major market share in European market.
Viganò International newly installed cut-to-lenght line is the top-notch of stainless steel processing technology, specifically designed for high productivity and advanced automation according to client’s requirements: surface standards BA and 2B, thickness 1-16mm x 2000mm width, reaching a maximum speed of 30 m/minute, to produce stainless steel sheets of 13 m length.


Vigano International technology with tension-level system, set a new step up in the quality results in terms of flatness and “memory-free” stainless steel sheets, to allow the downstream sheet processing (laser cutting, bending, punching) without material deformation, to reach the highest market standard for high-end finished stainless steel products as furniture-ware, elevators and escalators and top level electric and kitchen appliances.

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