Heavy gauge cutting line – Customer needs

A heavy gauge cut-to-length line suitable to process hot rolled steel coils up to 13 mm of thickness (medium/heavy gauge), 2100 mm wide, achieving quality on the surface.


Suggested solution
Taken into consideration of the customer needs, the structural features of the material and the production requirements, we designed a combined line: cut-to-length and mechanic pickling by means of shot blasting machine.


The plant is suitable to treat the surface of the hot rolled steel strip, thanks to the mechanic pickling process, recoiling strips up to 6 mm of thickness and 1500 mm wide, and at the same time levelling and cutting to length sheets 2000 mm wide up to 13 mm of thickness.


The combined line is designed in compliance of environmental and safety regulations; waste derived from the pickling process, since it is not chemical, it is used in the production of flooring and/or bricks.
In case of market demand, it is already foreseen the possibility to install in the future an additional shoot blasting machine, in order to improve the working speed and to increase the production.