Revamping of CTL line to improve performance and safety

Customer needs

Revamping of cut-to-length from 70s designed for the processing of structural steel (hot rolled steel, pickled steel and black steel ). The revamping process must increase production and improve the quality of work for the line operator.


Suggested solution

To increase the production process of the cut-to-length line we insert new units in the entry section, a fractionating shear to cut the defective parts of materials after straightening process, ensure the perfect flatness of the strip we implement a tandem of leveller placed before the flying shear

The quality of work for the line operator is realized by the elimination of the pits , to make the plant at floor level and replacing the whole electronic components with new generation systems that allow the entire control of the cut- to-length.




The plant was dismantled in northern Europe, transferred to our office, retrofitted, modified by the insertions of new units and re-installed nearby another customer site in Eastern Europe.

We received positive feedback from the headquarter.