CTL beside slitting lines

Service Centres frequently need to diversify their products. To do so, it is necessary to renovate old plants, in order to guarantee a proper response to the market requests, and install new ones, placing cut to length lines beside slitting lines.


Customer needs

  • Improving the performances of an old slitting line.
  • Install a cut-to-length line that allows special performances assuring an excellent quality on levelling, even on the “second choice materials”.


Suggested solution

  • Replacement of some single units composing the slitting line; other equipment are revamped.

Increase of the cutting speed, wider range of materials to process, possibility to process cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, pickled steel, oiled and dry, with coils rewinding up to 30 ton, on thickness range 0,4 ÷ 4 mm.

  • With reference to the cut-to-length line, we propose the installation of the Tension-Levelling System.

The customer attends a practical demonstration of the Tension-Levelling System action, requalifying “second choice strips” and processing higher quality strips. The customer appreciate the results and approves the offer sheet.

The cut-to-length line is suitable to process stainless steel, galvanized steel, pre-painted, electro-galvanized, hot rolled steel, pickled steel, not oiled, and steel coating (exposed parts), on thickness range 0,4 ÷ 4 mm, with coils p to 24 ton.