High professional skills, knowledge, detailed analysis, careful designing
ensure the realization of practical and innovative solutions.

Viganò International provides a qualified Engineering Consulting service, in order to:

  • Design and manufacture new cutting lines;
  • Install single machines into existing cutting lines (either manufactured by Viganò International or by other brads);
  • Renovate old lines;
  • Resolve logistic problems related to specific requirements of the Service Centres (space, management of the data flow from stock, flow of materials, etc.);
  • Resolve problems related to the material processing activity.

The service includes several steps:

  • Discussion and collection of data;
  • Preliminary feasibility study;
  • Survey;
  • Design;
  • Realization and test.

The planning concerning the construction of service centres, or the installation of new cutting lines, is performed in closed cooperation with architects and constructors, in order to optimize the flow of data, materials, and the line production within the appointed areas.

Viganò International rely on skilled ad qualified technicians in order to offer the highest level of expertise and innovative solutions able to satisfy the customer needs, in accordance to the cost estimations defined during the preliminary study stage.